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Peter Loving

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Meet Peter

Peter helps SaaS businesses succeed by focussing on improving their products and attracting users. Peter’s background is within digital product design and he has worked with many software companies consulting to implement great user experience and interface design.

Whilst Peter works as an independent consultant, he founded Front Digital in 2011 and the agency has also worked with number of clients designing web applications. Most of all, Peter enjoys helping SaaS companies succeed by building better products that solve problems more elegantly for their users.

Peter Loving

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SaaS Success Strategy

Usability Audit

In this Usability Audit you’ll receive an in depth assessment of your applications usability. With a focus on interface design (UI) and user experience (UX), I’ll highlight design flaws and provide you with a presentation deck containing recommendations for making improvements.

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10x Your Onboarding Process

Optimal onboarding

How happy are your new users? Optimal Onboarding will take you on a journey to increase traction and retention in your app with a fast and intensive program. By assessing your onboarding process I’ll help you increase both the conversion of new users AND their lifetime value.

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SaaS Growth Network

SaaS Mastermind

Are you busy looking for strategies to grow your software company? Don’t struggle alone. SaaS Mastermind is a group of SaaS founders with shared goals and challenges. Each member of SaaS Mastermind is dedicated to supporting and holding each other accountable for the success of their companies.


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