What is SaaStock Local?

SaaStock recently launched a local series of events designed to connect communities across the globe. Already active in 7 major cities (with 17 launching soon) it looks set to be the worlds largest network of SaaS leaders and professionals.

The local initiative follows the growth of SaaStock’s flagship conference in Dublin which expanded last year into the US, South America, Asia and Australasia. With the launch of these major conferences comes an opportunity to host local events and meetups that bridge the gap at a local level. In order to achieve this, SaaStock have recruited a team of champions to deliver regular, highly focussed events guided by the know how, values and support of the brand.

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SaaStock Local

Why I Became City Leader for Barcelona

I recently relocated to Barcelona and having familiarised myself with the local tech scene, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to contribute to the community.

Over the last 3 years I’ve gained many inspiring insights and connections from SaaStock events. Since attending the very first event in London, I knew I’d be interested in being involved somehow. It was this event at the Rainmaking Loft, a coworking space in London, where I met Alex Theuma. Under the name ‘SaaS London’, Alex’s first event hosted 80 attendees, a talk by Janna Bastow (ProdPad), and a panel with Paul Joyce (Geckoboard) and Duane Jackson (Supdate and Kashflow), all discussing PMF (product market fit).

Three years later and the Rainmaking Loft no longer exists but SaaStock is going strong. Alex has grown his London based meetup into a global events series with a flagship conference in Dublin, hosting around 4,000 SaaS leaders for 3 days of talks and workshops.

During this time I’ve settled into Barcelona’s exciting tech scene. When I heard about SaaStock’s plans to launch it’s local event series, I happily volunteered for the Barcelona chapter. I’ll be working alongside our co-city leader Javier Darriba, a SaaS veteran in his own right.

Find a SaaStock Local Near You

SaaStock Local

A Winning Event Format

The format for our events follows a tried and tested formula that works. Each event will have a key theme for the evening. First we’ll host a panel discussing their experience and advice on this theme. The panels comprise of CEOs, VCs or leaders in the industry.

Next up is the ‘rockstar’ speaker, a founder with experience building, managing and often exiting multimillion dollar SaaS businesses. These keynote talks will be highly focussed on a chosen theme and packed with actionable content.

Following our rockstar, we host a brief panel for smaller companies and startups. Joined by our keynote speaker, this fun and interactive session takes the form of a product related teardown or theme related feedback. Finally, as with any great event, we wrap up with a networking session over a few beers. In summary, here’s what you can expect from SaaStock Local Barcelona events:

  • A close knit community of entrepreneurs, VCs and professionals.
  • Actionable content packed with key practical learning.
  • A focus on uncompromised  quality.
  • The best-focused networking experience.

Join us in Barcelona

Every quarter we host an event at the Movistar Centre in Catalunya. Register for the next SaaStock Local Barcelona event here.

With special thanks to our main sponsor Movistar Center for hosting SaaStock Local Barcelona. Website: movistarcentre.com | Twitter: @MovistarCentre | Instagram: @MovistarCentre | Facebook: MovistarCentre.

Become a Partner or Sponsor

SaaStock Local Barcelona can connect your brand with SaaS companies, founders and leaders throughout Catalunya. Contact me if you’re interested in partnering to support our mission to connect Barcelona’s SaaS ecosystem whilst providing the most insightful content in the industry.

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