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60min Product Growth Call, only $349


If you’re stuggling with the growth of your SaaS, book a 60min call. We'll review your growth model and the systems you need in place to achieve it. We'll align the core value in your product with your ideal customer and a method to achieve scale.


Consulting that helps you scale. Based on your needs.

Product Strategy

Is your product strategy going to help you achieve your vision? Let's get your product working to help you scale.  

Product Management

How are you making key product decisions? I can help you get optimal output from your resources.

Growth Strategy

There are 5 key components to a succesful SaaS Growth Model. Let's look at how to set these growth levers working in unison for your SaaS. 

User Acquisition

Are you utilising your user acquisition channels that have the most potential. Here we review strategies to increase your sales velocity.

Conversion Optimisation 

Let's identify elements that will make an impact on your conversion tools. 

Customer Development

How many conversations are you having with your customers... that are not sales driven?


Many SaaS companies leave money on the table by pricing their product too low. Find out how you can adopt value based pricing.


Bootstrapped or funded? Depending on your stage, capital can be a challenge. Let's plan a healthy 


"It's been a pleasure working with Peter, in just 2 months he's already helped our company tremendously. He's not only a talented designer but a great business consultant too. "

Brad Smith



Your Vision

We'll strategize how to achieve your vision. Any big challenges or roadblocks need to be addressed. Let's remove obstacles and gear up for scale.  

Your Product

I prefer to understand your product before the call so we can dive into value. I'll quickly identify problem areas and things you can do to move forward faster.  

Your Growth Model

There are 5 key components to a succesful SaaS Growth Model. Let's look at how to set these growth levers working for your SaaS. 


I’m Peter Loving.

I’m an expert Product Consultant, focussed on working with SaaS companies to help them improve their product, get more users and grow.

I've worked with many SaaS companies to help them ensure their product brings real value to ideal customer's who have a common problem. I can help you increase the inherent value in your product and implement systems for growth.

Let's talk!

Book a 60min Growth Call for only $349