Is your product ready for growth?


Are you struggling with low utilisation and retention?

SaaS companies have a difficult task. Ensuring a product succeeds in the marketplace is a big challenge. Besides the difficulty of attracting customers who experience value beyond their investment, companies also need to ensure they have a repeatable, profitable and scalable operation. Add to this, the software market is increasingly competitive with an ever lower barrier to entry.

Despite the difficulty, SaaS companies can experience rapid growth by appropriately addressing challenges and having the right systems and processes in place.

I’ve had a lifelong passion for product design which led to my work with SaaS companies. Witnessing their challenges firsthand, I created a business dedicated to supporting them. I help clients make their product the champion of their business. I support product and engineering teams with the systems and designs they need to develop the best product AND ensure it succeeds.

There are a few realities SaaS companies face when it comes to product:

saas product Products are never ‘finished’

Tech products are always in a state of development and therefore SaaS companies need to ensure they have the best processes and systems in place. This ensures a product team can maintain success over the long term.

best product The best product doesn’t always win

The marketplace is competitive and often the company with better sales operations will beat a company with a better product. My belief is that the best salespeople have a great product and the best methods, systems and ability to sell it. I support product teams to collaborate effectively to ensure that the best product does win.

capital intensive Product development is capital and resource intensive

Often SaaS companies take years or decades to become profitable. But the business model and scalability has power and value. It’s a constant struggle for capital, talent and resource. I provide added value and resource to teams that need.

If you need help improving your product to drive a rapid phase of growth, let’s talk.

My Story

Fresh out of university with a degree in Product Design, my interests soon turned to the web. I was fascinated with the new web applications that were the next big thing. As Facebook and Linkedin started to gain popularity, I decided to take my industrial design knowledge and apply it to the web. I polished up my design skills and taught myself front end web development.

In the following years I built a network within London’s PR and tech incubator communities and working as a freelance web designer. I worked with a wide range of tech startups and global brands – I absolutely loved it! As I got busier I worked ever increasing hours and soon needed help. So, I launched an agency in the traditional (and perhaps most common) way – as an overworked freelancer. My small agency, Front Digital steadily grew and delivered many exciting and innovative projects.

Over time I found that our clients were spread across many disciplines, all with different requirements. I was challenged, because I always felt best placed to serve product companies as they’re aligned with my expertise. I soon realised this to be the case when I helped a major SaaS client redesign their software and land a large enterprise deal. It was so satisfying that specialising was a no brainer.

Though SaaS has it’s unique challenges, there is a huge amount of synergy with traditional consumer product design. I find I’m often able to bring the methods, processes and practices of product design to SaaS, which often provides a unique approach to this relatively new industry.

I’m enjoying this journey greatly. It’s an honour to work with SaaS companies in my mission to help them succeed and grow.